Zestlife Marine Collagen 600mg

Zestlife Marine Collagen 600mg

Zestlife launch Marine Collagen 600mg 60 capsule pack Free from: Salt, Starch, Wheat, Maize, Gluten, Lactose, Yeast, Dairy products, Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Colours Collagen is...

Zestlife Cranberry Juice Tablets Double Strength 4500mg 90 tabs
Zestlife Cranberry Juice Tablets Double Strength 4500mg 90 tabs
Zestlife Cranberry Juice Tablets Double Strength 4500mg 90 tabs
Zestlife Cranberry Juice Tablets Double Strength 4500mg 90 tabs
Zestlife Cranberry Juice Tablets Double Strength 4500mg 90 tabs

Zestlife Cranberry Juice Tablets Double Strength 4500mg 90 tabs

This well known supplement helps prevent and treat Cystitis and reduces bladder and urinary tract infections. Urinary tract and bladder support.
Gluten free Suitable for
Gelatin free
3 reviews
90 tabs
£10.25 ADD
2x90 tabs
£17.90 ADD

What are the benefits of  Cranberry Juice Tablets and what can it do for me?

First of all, what is cranberry extract?

Just one Cranberry extract pill provides about 50 percent of your recommended vitamin C intake, which is so important for wound healing and disease prevention. It is also an excellent source of dietary fibre providing relief from constipation. Most cranberry juice is high in sugar content, bacteria feeds on sugar and therefore can make infections worse. Cranberry extract tablets are a much better option.

The hippuric acid in Cranberries is understood to be the active ingredient which is believed may help prevention and / or treatment of Cystitis a painful bladder infection, as well as other urinary infections (uti). Just one Cranberry tablet is comparable to 4500mg of fresh cranberries.

How does cranberry extract help prevent cystitis/uti?

1.The antioxidants in cranberries work by preventing the bacteria from sticking to the cells that line the urinary tract, where they can multiply and cause infection. This explains just why cranberry pills are possibly effective in the prevention of cystitis/uti.

2.This antioxidant packed with polyphenols (phenols and flavonoids) is an excellent source of vitamin C, manganese and other nutrients.

3.The list of benefits from this supplement seem endless! It prevents bacteria sticking to the teeth and gums therefore reducing the risk of plaque build up and gum disease,

4. Cranberry extract flushes out the kidneys thus reducing the risk for kidney stones.

5. Regular use of Cranberry Tablets will lower density lipoprotein oxidation which lowers the risk of heart disease.

Zestlife uses only pure and natural ingredients, from  GMP trusted sources. We quality assure not only each batch, but each ingredient in that batch, ensuring you get only the highest quality product.

Please read the many cranberry tablets reviews below

Zestlife Cranberry Tablets is an excellent alternative for those who do not like the taste of cranberries. Cranberry Tablets are more potent than the juice. For those that are watching their wasteline Zestlifes Cranberry Tablets are sugar free and just packed with 100% cranberries.

Cranberry tablets are known to be beneficial in reducing the risks of many diseases and infections thus promoting overall wellbeing.

Are Cranberry tablets suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes! Cranberry tablets are suitable for vegetarian and vegans as they are gelatin free.

Are Cranberry tablets safe to use?

Before taking any natural nutritional supplements like cranberry tablets, medications, or products known as a 'health Supplement', you should always consult your doctor to ensure that they are right for you and that you will not experience any unwanted side effects.

How should I use Cranberry tablets to supplement my wellbeing?

Take one or two cranberry tablets a day.

Store in a cool dry place out of sight and reach of children.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

Cranberry Juice Concentrate

Double Strength

Sugar Free

Food supplement

90 Tablets

Powdered Cranberry Juice Concentrate Tablets. with sweetener.

Each tablet contains enough Cranberry Juice concentrate to provide the equivalent of 4500mg Fresh Cranberries.

INGREDIENTS: Sweetener: Xylitol, Maltodextrin, Powdered

Cranberry Juice Concentrate, Anti-Caking Agent: Magnesium Stearate.

Each tablet provides on average 180mg of 25:1 Cranberry Juice Concentrate which is equivalent to 4500mg of Fresh Cranberries.

Manufactured in the UK under GMP standards.

  • May help prevention and / or treatment of Cystitis
  • May help reduce the frequency of bladder and urinary tract infections. 
  • A source of Vitamin C, manganese and other nutrients.
  • A source of antioxidants, including polyphenols.
  • Helps maintain bladder health. 
  • Manufactured in the UK under GMP standards
1 of 3 reviews

It has helped me a lot in preventing urinary tract infections. Had small stones and remove them. I take 2 pills daily


I have been buying and using these cranberry tablets for well over 18 months now. I regularly suffered from Cystitis and occasionally it got so bad that I needed antibiotics from the doctor. On one visit a newly qualified doctor said to me...don''t just drink cranberry juice when you feel an attack coming on, take cranberry tablets or drink cranberry juice everyday to prevent an attack..... well I do take these tablets every morning and they do actually keep the bugs at bay. My visits to the doctor has decreased and I actually feel like im in control..... I recommend these.


I have been using this for a month seems to be easing my problems


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